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Canine Dental Care

Canine Dental Disease is Preventable Through Proactive Dental Care.

Did you know that dental disease is the most common disease identified in dogs? More than 80% of dogs over three years of age suffer with some form of dental disease.

Pet owners can make a big difference in the longevity and quality of life for their pets. Daily dental care and professional oral hygiene assessments and treatments by our dental professionals can help you maintain proper oral hygiene.

Gonzales Mobile Veterinary Care is equipped to perform professional veterinary dental care for dogs in our mobile van.  

Canine Dental Care Offered at by us include:

  • Annual Dental Exam
  • Professional Scaling and Polishing: complete ultrasonic/hand scaling and polishing for all stages of dental disease.
  • Digital radiology: digital x-rays clearly identify hidden problems below the gum line
  • Consultations: full dental exam includes probe, and charting of dental abnormalities.
  • Oral surgery: tooth removal

We are pleased to offer a Dental Package! Visit our dental packages page for more information.



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