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Cat Vaccinations

We Tailor Vaccine Protocols Individually For Each Cat

Vaccinating your pet keeps your cat healthy by preventing dangerous infectious diseases and are an important part of your cat’s annual health care.  Cats have different lifestyles and deserve to be given individual attention and consideration at vaccination time. 

We tailor vaccine protocols individually for each cat. The cat’s parents are invited to take an active part in creating the vaccination plan for their cat. We recommend all cats should be up to date on core vaccines. We can vaccinate your cat during their annual or bi-annual wellness exam.

Rabies Vaccine – Rabies is a serious disease, and cats are required by New Mexico State Law to be vaccinated against Rabies. We use a feline-exclusive rabies vaccine shot which is good for 1 year.

Distemper Vaccine –  This vaccine helps protect your cat against Rhinotracheitis (herpes virus), Calici virus, and Panleukopenia virus. This vaccine may be written as FVRCP or RCP or HCP. It helps protect your cat against 3 different types of contagious respiratory infections. We recommend this vaccine for all cats. We offer 1 year & 3 year RCP vaccines. 

Feline Leukemia Vaccine – This vaccine helps protects your cat against the feline leukemia virus which can cause anemia, lymphoma, and suppresses the immune system which leaves the cat susceptible to potentially deadly infections. Feline Leukemia is transmitted from cat to cat through saliva, blood, and urine. We recommend this vaccine for cats that go outdoors or live in a multi-cat household where any of the cats go outdoors. We offer 1 year FeLV vaccines.



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