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Senior Cat Care

Care for Senior Cats

We love all of our patients and have a special place in our hearts for aging pets.  Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, cats are living longer than they ever did before but as they age they require more frequent exams to detect early warning signs of disease. Senior cats run a greater risk of illnesses such as kidney, heart, and liver disease, as well as cancers, organ failure, and hormone disorders to name a few. Older cats can face weight, mobility, and arthritis issues as well.

To keep your senior cat as healthy as possible we encourage you to schedule more frequent appointments with us for preventative care. Two (2) or more visits annually will allow us to devise a customized health plan specifically tailored for your aging pet and will offer any diagnostic screenings when needed.  If we are monitoring your pet for a chronic condition, more frequent visits may be recommended.

A senior pet wellness exam includes:

  • Comprehensive preventative health care examination
  • Comprehensive dental screening
  • Comprehensive senior blood profile panel and urinalysis (to assess internal organs, red and white blood cell counts, blood sugar levels, electrolyte levels and much more).
  • We will recommend additional diagnostic testing if needed.


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