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Affordable Mobile Spay or Neuter Surgery for Dogs and Cats

Gonzales Mobile Veterinary Services offers affordable pet spay and neuter surgery. Spaying or neutering your pet improves their health and often ends the bad behaviors associated with mating—pregnancy, howling and fighting.  Spaying or neutering a pet also reduces the overpopulation of dogs and cats and reduces the chances they will suffer hormone related diseases such as ovarian, mammary, prostate, and testicular tumors.

Spay/Neuter Package

We offer an affordable spay/neuter package

What is Spay or Neuter Surgery?

Spaying or neutering your pet means the surgical removal of the reproductive organs.

In females, these are the ovaries and uterus, and the procedure is called an ovariohysterectomy, or spay.  In males, neutering is the surgical removal of the testes. 

At what age is the best time for spay/neuter surgery?

We recommend every non-breeding pet be spayed or neutered.  We recommend spaying or neutering your non-breeding pet around 6 months or before puberty.  If you have adopted an older pet, spay or neuter surgery is appropriate too.

What happens during spay/neuter surgery?

Spay and neuter procedures are done with the pet under general anesthesia.  Prior to surgery, your pet will receive an exam and we may recommend pre-surgical bloodwork to determine whether your pet is healthy for anesthesia.  Spay surgery consists of a small incision in the abdomen for removal of the ovaries and uterus. Neuter surgery consists of a small incision in the front of the scrotum for the removal of the testicles and to tie off the blood supply to the vas deferens. 

Recovery from spay or neuter surgery is generally prompt. Most pets can go home immediately after surgery and are back to normal within five to seven days.

We always encourage you to call our staff if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule an appointment to have your cat neutered or spayed.



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